Called to the Bar in 1990, Mr. Boardman has practised primarily real estate law. He also has extensive experience in personal injury civil litigation and estate law. He offers estate law services with respect to the drafting and execution of wills, probate, and other estate matters. Mr. Boardman brings over 15 years of experience and professional service to the real estate market. You may contact Mr. Boardman at our Toronto East office at 416-424-4640.

Called to the Bar in 1976, Mr. Armstrong has maintained a real estate law office in the west end of Toronto for over 29 years, and he is well acquainted with the local real estate market. He offers senior real estate expertise and is more than able to handle the most sophisticated and complex of real estate transactions. You may contact Mr. Armstrong at our Toronto West office at 416-232-1358.

Boardman & Armstrong maintain a staff comprising of four fulltime secretaries and two paralegal clerks. Our extensive and competent staff assures you that someone is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have with respect to your real estate transaction. Our office resources allows us to respond in an efficient and expeditious manner to deal with any unforeseen contingency or complication, thus ensuring that your deal will close with any and all outstanding issues settled to your satisfaction.